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Share some Professional Scrum Master PSM III exam questions and answers below.

While often associated with Scrum, which of the following practices DON’T complement Scrum?

A. Burn-downs, Burn-ups, or Cumulative flows

B. Definition of “Done”

C. Product Backlog Refinement

D. Hardening Sprint

E. Sprint Goal

F. Sprint 0

G. Definition of Ready

Answer: D,F
At the seventh Sprint Review, the stakeholders are disappointed and angry. They have determined that the product or system being built will not meet their needs and will cost more than they are willing to spend. Which of the following statements could be true?

A. The PMO has not been engaged adequately.

B. The stakeholders haven’t been attending prior Sprint Reviews.

C. The stakeholders haven’t been using the Sprint Reviews to inspect and evaluate progress in the prior Sprint Reviews.

D. The Scrum Master has not ensured that the project is transparent

E. The Product Owner has not been keeping the stakeholders aware of the progress of the project.

Answer: B,C,E
In Scrum, we use the term “Forecast” when planning. Why is that?

A. Forecasting is part of the Scrum Framework, emphasizing its importance and preventing those new to Scrum from leaving it out.

B. It brings awareness to the fact that when planning, the team is looking ahead and not everything is certain. The team cannot commit to the plan not changing, it’s a prediction based upon what is known today.

C. It emphasizes the difference between Scrum and plan-driven approaches.

D. Using the term Forecasting raises transparency because it is a term common to project and process methodologies.

Answer: B
Why is Scrum referred to as a framework?
A. You can use the elements needed for it to best perform in your organization.

B. It needs all of its components to work as intended.

C. It is a foundation upon which other processes and techniques can be employed.

D. It is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Answer: C
A Project Manager working with your Scrum Team has raised concerns about progress and money spent. What are the best responses?

A. Have a discussion with the Project Manager; share the current impediments and forecast for the Sprint

B. Scrum doesn’t have Project Managers so disregard their concerns

C. Share the last stakeholder briefing document prepared by the Product Owner

D. Promote transparency by sharing the Product Backlog and ensuring the Project Manager has access

E. Show the Earned Value Analysis (EVA) report

Answer: A,D
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