How Can a Career Blog Help Your Career?

When it comes to finding employment information or guidance on your next career, you just can’t beat the internet. There are a lot of online valuable resources that you can utilize to help you get in contact with potential employers, learn what they are looking for, and even sharpen up your skills and qualifications so that you are more employable. One of the best places to look for information is a career blog.

What Is a Career Blog?

A career blog is generally a blog or a website that is written by someone on a regular basis. These are often written by people who would be considered experts in their particular field, but they can also be written by people who just know how to get people placed into jobs. There are professional life coaches, career coaches, human resource people, and career management folks who also like to impart their wisdom to others.

Isn’t This Just a Recruitment Site?

There are a few key differences between any career blog and a recruitment site, including the fact that career blogs are generally free. If you are using a recruiter to get a job, you may have to pay them up front or an employer may have to pay them to get into contact with you. Although recruitment certainly works for some career fields, it is by no means the way to get a job in most career fields and you could even end up wasting a lot of money by using one.

What Can You Learn from a Career Blog?

There is a lot of interesting information that you can pick up from any career blog and in particular one that is updated on a regular basis. Usually, they are updated with new posts at least a few times a week, and if you are looking at a blog that hasn’t been updated for a week or more, the author might not be taking their work too seriously.

You can easily subscribe to get updates on a career blog, which means that you only have to go back to their site when there is something new to look at and that can save you a lot of time, too.

Will This Help You To Get a Job?

Getting a new job is never easy, but it is a whole lot easier if you know people who are in the business and are connected to others who might be potential employers. By learning how to establish your online career presence in a way that attracts employers and by increasing your career network online, you can use a career blog to really attract more opportunities than you would if you relied solely on the people you know in the offline world.

All in all, whether you are trying to get into a new field or you are just checking out the waters to see what is available with other companies, a career blog can really help you get the information that you need.

Hurdles to Enter in a Clinical Research Industry

Clinical research is a growing industry which offers advantageous career options to the pharmaceutical graduates. It plays a vital role in introducing new drugs and improving health statistics. In India, the scope of clinical research is raising its global standards to introduce new medicines to cure various illnesses.

Hurdles to Enter in a Clinical Research Industry


Clinical research courses is one of the most astonishing careers for life science graduates and it is demanding a huge number of career opportunities worldwide with attractive salary packages.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in India is increasing with a rapid pace with increase in population and diseases.

Major Issues faced by Candidates

There are many issues faced by the candidates to enter into this sector. Major issue is the awareness of this field many students are going for conventional courses only. In urban areas students are very up to date and very sensitive regarding their career and opportunities because of the facilities and resources they are getting. The scenario is very different in rural areas where students do not get the exposure and resources to study because of which their career does not grow as per the desired way. Let’s discuss this with following key points

Unawareness of the Concept
This is the major issue faced by non-urban students that they don’t have exact understanding of the medical industry. They don’t have an idea about this wide field of career in pharmaceutical industry.

Short fall of knowing available opportunities
Some students do not know the wide range of the career opportunities available in clinical research industry. There are many opportunities available in clinical research for different streams such as Clinical Data Management, Medical Coding, Pharmacovigilance, and Core clinical Research.

Lack of self confidence
Self-confidence is the major thing required to crack any kind of interview. Many students of middle to low range of academics are seen to be very less confident. To boost the self-confidence, students has to attend some Clinical Research.

Inadequate Soft Skills
Soft skills are very important to develop your personality and to survive in the corporate culture. Many students don’t have adequate soft skills to pass the interview rounds and get selected.

Unable to crack Interviews
Some candidates could not crack the interview though they have good academics, knowledge, soft skills and communication. They require special training and counselling. Special training or clinical research course will help such students to gain more knowledge.

Inadequacy of career guidance
This is major issue in almost all kind of students; they don’t get proper career guidance from their parents, friends or teachers. This will not turn their career in a proper way and many of them are not getting right career options. Because of which they don’t get chance to wider their wings and fly high with their expertise.

Insufficient resources to start a Career
Resources plays vital role in career path. Resources don’t always mean money. It can be family background, college, school, friends, company or colleague. They are also become essential part of your career path and growth. People who get right resources along with good career growth are become successful professionals in their respective fields.

How to Overcome these Issues

To overcome these entire issues student should stay up to date with the changing requirements of latest industry. They should improve their network and resources. They can join some special training or courses for getting more knowledge.

Students should set their career at early stage with the help of internet, newspapers, family, friends or other available resources. Which will definitely help them to choose a right career at right time and start accordingly.

Career Opportunities in Clinical Research

With this award winning field of clinical research training candidates are hiving following job options

Clinical CROs (Contract Research Organizations)
BA/BE Centers
SMOs (Site Management Organizations)
Data Management CROs
IT Companies in Healthcare / Clinical Domain
EDC Service Providers
Central Laboratories
Packaging & Labeling & Contract Manufacturers
Investigator & Site Staff
Training Centers.

How Can Workplace Leaders Play A Role In Reducing Stress

When the question is about safely returning to work, there are several things to take into account. Obviously, relying on your line of work, returning safely to work may appear different. It’s critical to assist in teaching staff members how to manage stress in order to enhance and preserve both optimism and productivity especially now during the post-pandemic times, possibly more so than before.

Leadership and Management must make every effort to help employees learn effective coping skills for stress in order to increase employee productivity. Here are five actions you can do to reduce workplace stress for your employees.

1. Ascertain The Status Of Your Staff Members
Understanding how your employees are feeling at the moment is the first step in assisting them in managing stress effectively. It can be challenging to determine how your workforce is doing and what actions you can take to address any possible problems without a clear grasp of business morale.

There are several ways to better understand how your business is doing. Arranging a meeting for the entire organization where employees can voice complaints and get things out in the open may be the simplest solution. Obviously, transparency isn’t always encouraged in such sizable gatherings.

For this reason, you might want to think about conducting a private staff poll. Another alternative is to incorporate a check-in into your regularly scheduled staff meetings to see how everyone is faring, how things are going, and if there is anything you as the employer can do to assist.

2. Promote Mindfulness
You can easily feel intimidated by all the negativity that is there in social media, the news, and other sources. Encouragement of mindfulness and meditation can be a useful strategy for aiding workers in taking a little break each day. You may do it entirely on your own, with the help of a free online tool, or with a guided meditation app.

It’s not far-fetched to claim that mindfulness can be your most effective productivity tool. It might be challenging to even start when employees have a lot on their plates and grow overwhelmed. This results in missed time and a loss of concentration, which can reduce production as a whole. Employees who practice mindfulness can learn to calm their minds and center themselves so they can concentrate more effectively on presenting the work.

Also, onboarding Leadership Training Programs with gamification can be an excellent way to reduce stress as well as promote development.

3. Include Time Outside Throughout Your Workday
Spending time outdoors has been proven to be quite beneficial for mental health. Even though spending time outside has always been beneficial, it’s perhaps more crucial than ever. Encourage individuals to go on nature walks as a great way to take a break from their workstations and think about whatever they like at least for some time. This also promotes Leadership Development.

You might need to lead by example if your employees are too motivated to get up from their workstations. Try leading your company on a nature walk yourself at lunch.

4. Think About Implementing A Business Fitness Program
For a while now, HR departments have been increasing their use of incentives to encourage employees to join gyms, yoga studios, or other wellness facilities. This is a great idea to reduce stress among employees and a workout is a great stress buster.

Both the mind and the body benefit greatly from exercise. Giving employees a little encouragement to begin moving may make a big difference in their physical and emotional health over the long and near term. This is beneficial not just the Leadership Development among employees but for comprehensive development and well-being.

5. Encourage Accountability
As we all make every effort to navigate through these turbulent times, it’s critical that we support one another in choosing constructive coping strategies over harmful ones. Your staff members are undoubtedly adults with the freedom to do anything they want when they want. However, individuals mustn’t overindulge given the virtual happy hours and lack of activities.

Inform your workers that they have choices if they want to discuss probable substance use disorders or other worries. Invest in engaging Leadership Training Programs for the development of the workforce. Sometimes all it takes to persuade someone to seek the assistance they need is for them to realize that there are resources out there to assist people in need.

Final Words
It’s true that employers are not obligated to look out for the mental health of their employees, nevertheless, Leadership and Management still need to exercise caution if they want to get the maximum performance out of their staff members and foster an atmosphere that will draw in and keep the top talent. These pointers ought to enable you and your staff to live less stressful lifestyles where you may accomplish more.